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          Generic is the essence of simplicity, especially in this era of excess. As a dancer Erica has toured with many talented artists and has  been exposed to a highly fashion driven industry. While working in this type of environment she couldn’t help but take note of the perceived status that certain clothing brings. Celebrity pop culture has really become embedded in our everyday lives and so has the obsession with “name brand‟ apparel. In contrast she does believe that in some way we are all seeking simplicity. This is why she has created the brand “ Generic Clothing”. 

             As the line began to develop and Erica started finalizing the collection as well as logo designs she noticed something very special. It was no coincidence that she had named her clothing line Generic. Erica tragically lost her Twin brother Eric in a car accident several years ago. Looking at her logo she realized that her brothers name “Eric” was apart of the word “Generic”. She then slightly changed the logo to highlight his name. This journey has come full circle for Erica and Eric has been a part of it in every way. 


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